Week 10: April 14, 2022

Homework for class next week, April 21.

A few weeks ago we learned about the incredible gift of gestation and lactation among female mammals. Share your appreciation to your mother for the gift of life she gave you!

Select one of the trimesters in human development and learn about the specific changes and developments to the human fetus/baby.

Week 9: March 31, 2022

There is no homework this week. Hope you enjoyed Spring Break! (The homework that was discussed in class will be due the following week, April 21.)

Week 8: March 24, 2022

There is no homework this week 🙂

We went to Sister Allen’s and looked at her beehives and also helped put together a new hive for her neighbor.

Week 7: March 17, 2022

This week there is no new homework. However, look over the past few weeks and see if there is any homework you haven’t finished yet. Next week March 24, we will be going to Sister Allen’s property to learn more about bees. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!

Week 6: March 10, 2022

This week we went to the Bean Museum and learned interesting things about insects and animals! Using the drawings you made at the museum, do the following homework for next week, March 17.

  1. Draw, color, and describe favorite animal (2-3 sentences why)
  2. Draw and describe before and after wolves came back to Yellowstone. Explain in your own words what happened.
  3. Draw, color, and describe your favorite insect (2-3 sentences why) OR color and label the different mouth parts of insects and describe.

Week 5: March 3, 2022

We didn’t meet in Ignite Science this week, so there is no homework. Next week, March 10, we will be going to the Bean Museum at BYU for class. Don’t be late for class! We will be leaving right away so we have as much time as possible at the museum.

Week 4: February 24, 2022

There is no new homework this week, so this is a great opportunity to finish any homework that you haven’t completed the last few weeks! If you haven’t already, please complete:

  1. Comic Strip
  2. Wanted Poster (Why is the insect wanted? What makes it a nuisance? Be specific!)
  3. Classify two insects

Find the description for these assignments, below, in the posts for the last few weeks.

Week 3: February 17, 2022

In preparation for class next week, February 24, do the following:

  1. Classify TWO insects: First, choose any insect and classify it. (Include the insect’s: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.) Next, choose and classify a specific bee species. In class today, we learned that there are 20,000 species of bees in the world! Choose one to classify, so we can compare bee species in class next week.
  2. Make a Wanted Poster: In class today, we wrote letters to show appreciation to insects for their good qualities. Now, make a Wanted Poster for a specific insect. Why is it wanted? Why is it a nuisance?

One more thing: We learned from Sister Allen that she would consider breeding her rabbit if there are those in class who would like to take on the responsibility of raising a rabbit. If you are interested in getting a rabbit, talk to your parents to see if it’s a possibility for your family. This is completely optional and there is absolutely no pressure to get a rabbit!

Week 2: February 10, 2022

For class next week, February 17:

Create a one page COMIC STRIP based on what you learned in class about bees. For example, what is life in a bee colony like? What do worker bees, drones and the queen do? Include a title and at least four blocks.

Also, watch the fascinating VIDEO linked below!

Week 1: February 3, 2022

Welcome back!

In preparation for class next week, February 10, do the following homework:

Research more about the insect specimen that you drew in class. Did your guesses match up with what you discovered? Add to your drawing, making sure to include labels. Write down 5-10 important facts about your insect. Be ready to share with the class next week!

Week 11: November 18, 2021

Watch the two fascinating videos linked below about plants.

Also, take good care of the seed you planted. Remember that you can water it with banana water. To make the water, put the peel from a very ripe banana in a container with water. An empty, clean juice container works well. Let it sit for a day before using. Good luck and enjoy your winter break! See you next semester 🙂

Week 10: November 11, 2021

In preparation for class next week, November 18, do the following homework:

In class we reviewed the functions of each organelle in a plant cell. There were a few organelles that students were unclear on. Use your notes or re-watch the videos from last week to figure out which organelle is described by the functions listed below. If you are part of science group one (does science first hour of class), you need to look up five. If you are part of science group two (does science second hour of class), you need to look up three.

Science Group One:

Which organelle:

  1. Processes and transports materials out of the cell
  2. Stores food, water, and waste
  3. Digests waste, cell parts, and foreign invaders
  4. Makes proteins
  5. Makes fats, breaks down chemicals and packages proteins to be released

Science Group Two:

Which organelle:

  1. Processes and transports materials out of the cell
  2. Makes proteins
  3. Breaks down food molecules into energy

Also, here are the notes written on the board from class two weeks ago, in case you didn’t get it all written down!

Science Group 1 Notes:


Science Group 2 Notes:


Week 9: November 4, 2021

In preparation for class next week, November 11, do the following homework:

If you didn’t already do the Food Web assignment (or if you need to add more details), make a Food Web diagram. Include details, use color, etc.! Your diagram should be labeled and include terms such as primary consumer and secondary consumer.

Watch the two videos linked below. Write down what the videos say about the organelle you were assigned in class. Then share with the class next week.

Week 8: October 28, 2021

For next week, you have two assignments.

Draw a Food Web Diagram: Research the food web and make a diagram to illustrate it in your notes. Make it look nice! Use color, label, etc. You can choose to make the diagram specific for a certain species (e.g., wolves) or more general.

Explain leaves changing: Explain to a family member why leaves “change” color and drop to the ground in the fall. Then, report back to our class.

Week 7: October 21, 2021

No homework this week.

Week 6: October 7, 2021

We won’t meet again until October 21st. Enjoy Fall Break!

Your homework is to recreate all of the diagrams and drawings in your notes. Doing this will be a good review of what we have learned so far in class, but it is also an opportunity to make your notes look nice, neat, and organized. You can use color, label, and should use your best handwriting.

Week 5: September 30, 2021

Do the following homework for next week’s class, October 7.

  1. Track water evaporation: Fill a clear cup with water. Mark the water level with a permanent marker and place somewhere in your house in the sun. Mark the water level each day and bring your cup to class next week.

2. Drink more water: Make an effort to drink more water this week and notice how you feel!

3. Lined paper for binder: If you haven’t already, put lined paper in your Ignite binder for science so you are prepared to learn.

Week 4: September 23, 2021

In preparation for class next week, September 30, watch the documentary Kiss the Ground on Netflix.

If you do not have Netflix, you can also watch the documentary using the link below and using the password: school.


Week 3: September 16, 2021

Do the following homework to prepare for next week’s class on September 23rd.

  1. BRING ROCK: Bring a rock to class so we can classify it. If you have a rock collection bring your favorite(s), but not more than five. If you don’t collect rocks, go outside and find one to bring to class!

2. BRING COMPOST: Bring something to put in our compost. Some examples are: worms, egg shells, a small amount of chicken or rabbit poop in a sealed bag, banana peels, apple cores, and other kitchen scraps (think salad items, not meat). If you volunteered in class to bring a certain item, please bring it!

3. WATCH VIDEO AND TEACH: Watch the video linked below about the rock cycle. Then teach a member of your family about the rock cycle. Be creative! You can talk about what we learned in class and in the video. Don’t forget to bring a piece of paper with your parent’s signature confirming that you completed the assignment.

Week 2: September 9, 2021

To prepare for next week’s class on September 16th , watch these two videos about soil.

Week 1: September 2, 2021

Great job looking at the Weekly Assignments Science page! No homework for science this week.